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Sharecare Contributor Agreement

  • Introduction

    Thank you for being a contributor for Sharecare, Inc. or one of its affiliated companies ("Sharecare"). Please review the following terms and conditions ("Terms") and complete the sign up process below.

    Why do I have to agree to these Contributor Terms?

    As part of participating in a Sharecare Program, you may provide certain services and/or materials for Sharecare. The Terms give Sharecare ownership and specify other rights and obligation of the parties in connection with the Sharecare Program. Please review the Terms for complete details.

    Contributor Terms

    In exchange for participating in the Sharecare Program and other good and valuable consideration:

    I agree to perform all services in a professional and commercially reasonable manner, subject to the terms of all program terms, assignments, or requests provided to me by Sharecare. All compensation arrangements, if any, will be specified in writing. I understand that my participation in a Sharecare Program can be terminated at any time by Sharecare.

    I agree to treat all non-public information as confidential information.

    I agree that I am acting as an independent contractor, and not as an agent or employee of Sharecare. I agree to that I am responsible for my tax obligations related to any compensation I receive.

    I hereby assign, and agree to assign to Sharecare, Inc. (“Sharecare”), all intellectual property rights whether arising by operation of law, contract, license, or otherwise, and whether or not such intellectual property rights are registrable (“Intellectual Property Rights”) in and to all Work Product delivered by me for the Sharecare program whether such Work Product was developed prior to entering into these Terms or otherwise.

    The term "Work Product" shall mean any and all feedback, discoveries, inventions, ideas, concepts, research, trademarks, service marks, slogans, logos and information, processes, products, techniques, methods and improvements or parts thereof conceived, developed, or otherwise made by me alone or jointly with others in any way relating to the present or proposed products, programs or services of Sharecare, whether or not reduced to tangible form or reduced to practice. Such Work Product shall be the sole and exclusive property of Sharecare.

    I hereby agree to execute all documents, applications, agreements and instruments, and perform all lawful acts (both during and after my participation in the Sharecare program) that Sharecare considers necessary or advisable to secure, transfer, protect or defend its rights hereunder and to carry out the intent of these Terms, and to vest more fully in Sharecare all worldwide ownership rights in such Work Product, including, without limitation, United States and foreign patent or other proprietary rights and copyrights.

    The terms are supplemental to any additional terms Sharecare may provide for a Sharecare Program. Sharecare may update these terms from time to time by providing notice to you. By continuing to participate in the Sharecare Program you agree to such terms.

  • Your Info

  • Your email will be only be used to grant you access to the Sharecare Program and for administrative purposes. Sharecare will not use your email for marketing purposes.

  • What are the next steps?

    After you complete the sign up process, we will contact you with additional information to get started.
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